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Equal Opportunities Officers of Faculties and non faculty-based areas

At this page, only three equal opportunity officers per faculty are mentioned. All members of the respective equal opportunity team and further team-specific information can be found on the website of each faculty.

Administration and Central Areas (Schientific Centers, Central Facilities, ZUV and other areas)


Equal Opportunities Officer
Dr. Sandra Maihöfner
A 3 - Personal

Tel: 0345 55-21292
Representation Claudia Hartling
Tel: 0345 55-21720
Thomas Brückner
Tel: 0345 55-213213

Theological Faculty


Equal Opportunities Officer
Doris Günther-Kriegel
Research Associate for Study of Religions and Intercultural Theology

Tel: 0345 55-23083
Nico Ahnert

Juridical and Economics Faculty


Eqaul Opportunities Officer
Julian Höhl (kommissarisch)
Law School
Tel: 0345 55-23141
Doreen Köhler
Tel: 0345 55-23151
Paul Konrad Lang

Medical Faculty


Eqaul Opportunities Officer
Annika Weißenborn
Technical Assistant for Medical Basic Research

Tel: 0345 55-7 4795
Representation Anke Steckelberg
Tel: 0345 55-7 4106
Manuela Friede
Tel: 0345 55-7 4466

Philosophical Faculty I


Equal Opportunities Officer
Dr. Christian Speer
Research Assiciate at Institute for History

Tel: 0345 55-24368
Representation Nancy Tandler
Tel: 0345 55-24378
Sabine Grünig
Tel: 0345 55-23506

Philosophical Faculty II


Eqaul opportunities Officer Alexandra Ebel
IMMS, Sprechwissenschaft mit dem Schwerpunkt Phonetik

Tel: 0345 55-24476
derzeit nicht im Dienst
Representation Renate Misevica-Trillitzsch
Tel: 0345 55-23556 phil. Natascha Ueckmann
Tel: 0345 55-23537

Philosophical faculty III


Equal Opportunities Officer Nadine Naugk
Institut für Schulpädagogik und Grundschuldidaktik // Grundschuldidaktik / Deutsch

Tel: 0345 55-23945
Johanna Ingenerf
Tel: 0345 55-23748

Scientific Faculty I


Equal opportunities Officer Cornelia Große
Tel: 0345 55-26375
Manuela Harnisch
Tel: 0345 55-25071 Marie-Luise Trutschel
Tel.: 0345 55-25146

Scientific Faculty II


Equal Opportunities Officer Imke Toborg
Research Associate at Institute for Mathematics

Tel: 0345 55-24620
Representations Diana Rata
Tel : 0345 55-25382 Mandy Koch
Tel: 0345 55-25743

Scientific Faculty III


Equal Opportunities Officer
Alexandra Boritzki
TM Institute of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences

Tel: 0345 55-22535/28232
Julia Pöhlitz
Tel: 0345 55-26029
Dr. Mandy Weißbach
Tel: 0345 55-24723

University Medical Center Halle


Equal opportunities Officer
Varina Grondkowski
Tel: 0345 55-74751