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Equality in Science

Equalization means equality and equal opportunities for every member of a group and concerns - like diversity or inclusion - everyone.

In reality every concept has a focus. The central theme of Equalization is gender and gender ratios.

Why Equality?

This is a question of justice. An existend gender diversity proves to be performance-enhancing: Equality leads to more and better resulzs (more   ). Not only women profit from equality - evryone does (more   ). This of course counts for science too.

In Germany there is equality in pension but there is still a long way to go to reach equality in opportunities. At MLU, women in higher positions and boards are underrepresanted. Gender ratios are in many fields not representative (more). But equality is not only meassured in numbers. It is about creation and keeping a working, teaching and lerning anvironment where everyone is equally welcomed and can feel safe. In the context of science equality is also about the promotion of gender reasearch.

Gender policy is therefore necessary. Furthermore it is legally obligatory. in Art.3 Abs. 2 GG for example, there is written that the state has to promote the implemention of equality of men and women and works for the elimination of existing disadvantages. Or in § 3 Abs. 3 HSG LSA: Universities work for the implemention of the equality of all sexes.

Gender policy in the context of science includes a spectrum of activities and is divided into following areas:

  • Support for / Empowering of FINTA perosns (women, inter-, nonbinary, trans, a gender persons)
  • meassurements which are targeted on structural and cultural change (Gendermainstreaming, Antidiscrimination)
  • Promotion of gender in research and teaching


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